Our processes

Reinventing residential real estate sales goes beyond software. We have taken apart and reassembled current processes in real estate practices to eliminate areas of inefficiency and target missed opportunities. Below are highlights from that exploration.


Curbsy Process Boots


Buyers using traditional real estate agents often complain that the cost of working with estate agents is high, while the value is low. Through Boosts, we give sellers greater control over their home sale, more transparency in their purchasing and more options for services.

Boosts are services sellers can purchase at listing, such as aerial videography, Facebook Live walkthroughs, 360 walkthroughs and floorplans, a deep clean plus staging, marketing in luxury lifestyle magazines and more.

Memories of a beloved home

When a family sells a home through Curbsy, they receive a professional, bespoke photobook with our exceptional photos, which they can take with them to their next home. 

As a Boost, we can add their personal photos of their life in the home and their personal stories.


Curbsy process comfort

Cool comfort

In Malta, our first market, traffic and parking are unbelievably challenging, and the heat is stifling most months of the year. Our exclusive partnership with high-end taxi company Biz Cab bypasses these problems by chauffering potential buyers to viewings in comfort

The little things in life

Our business is about matching families to homes that they will love. The path to love is often paved with thoughtful moments, meaningful interactions and pleasant surprises. We hope to supply some of those for both sellers and buyers.

Every time an agent shows a home to prospective buyers, they leave behind chocolate and a hand-written card. And a few months after moving into their new home, buyers receive a bouquet of flowers.

We constantly seek out high value, low cost, thoughtful moments throughout the buying, selling and post-sale processes.

Curbsy process little things