Curbsy features overview

Our human-centred, mobile-first, patent-pending technology is built by us solely for our franchisees’ use and is designed for contemporary audiences.

Curbsy heroe mobile.png


Smart Search

Smart Search is Curbsy’s brain and heart in one. Completely unique to the real estate industry, we match people to houses according to their ideal lifestyle. We use data to find true love.

Mobile app

Mobile apps are, remarkably, rare in the real estate industry. Our mobile app is feature-rich and user-friendly, and it will be the first stop for buyers and sellers to manage their home search. Homebuyers will be able to do everything on the app that they can on the website, in addition to a handful of app-specific features such as geo-marketing and push notifications.




Unique and patent-pending. When a Curbsy homebuyer is near a house with a high match percentage, a push notification will be delivered through the app, alerting them that the perfect match is just a short walk away. We are using data, GPS and our very own Smart Search to engineer that serendipitous “Oh, hello there!” moment at the heart of every homeowner’s story of how they discovered their perfect home.


The modern consumer expects relevant, personalised information to be available 24/7, and our dashboard delivers that experience and more.

Buyers see their viewing schedule, book appointments and make offers from the dashboard, as well as search for and save houses. Sellers see their own calendar, purchase Boosts and negotiate offers. Real estate agents manage listings and access the viewings calendars.



Aerial videography and 360° walkthroughs

With Curbsy, we want homebuyers to fall in love with a home before they see it live, and we accomplish that through gorgeous photographs, aerial videography and 360° walkthroughs.

Drones will take unique photos and videos of our most stunning properties.

Working with Matterport, the industry’s leading 360° camera provider, we will be the only agency in Malta making 360° photos and walkthroughs available to all sellers.