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The real estate agency matching people with their ideal lifestyle.


The Curbsy experience

We are changing residential home sales forever. Curbsy is a new kind of estate agency that uses data to match people to properties according to their ideal lifestyle. Using patent-pending technologymodern processes and smart marketing, we create long lasting relationships.

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Heart & Home

A home purchase is an emotional experience for sellers and buyers and is usually the largest financial transaction of a person’s life, yet traditional practices and technologies focus purely on a limited data set and price. With a focus on human-centred design, we use technology, data and re-engineered processes to personalise and streamline residential real estate sales. 



Search & Discovery

We believe that families buy homes because they fall in love with the lifestyle they imagine having in that home. Curbsy is changing search and discovery to efficiently match-make people with their ideal homes. Old-fashioned real estate processes are broken, and real estate will never be the same again.


The longing for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are.
— Maya Angelou